Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reading the manual

So I got home tonight from Dallas. We had dinner along the way, my wife and I; I was frugal with the dinners in Dallas (and my boss shouted one dinner) so I had enough of the per diem left over that we could dine out together without dipping into our own money. Don't tell the boss! :-)

When we got home you can guess the first thing I did. Yep, tore my new MP3 player packaging open and plugged it in. It was on the charger within the minute and, having made sure syncing the bugger wouldn't invoke a format change, I was downloading all my music onto it.

My wife glanced over and said 'you know, you just proved you're male'. Hmmm, I thought I'd proved that to her already but I was ready to bite. 'Whatever do you mean my dear?'. She replied 'you didn't read the manual'.

Which was true enough so far as she knew. But the manual, in PDF, has been available for over a week on the Toshiba website and I'd already read it.

'Ah' she said sheepishly, 'I didn't think of that!'

The download took about an hour in total but I didn't do it in one hit; too impatient to hear it for that. Nope, I let a dozen albums download and then stopped the sync to give it a listen. Sounds good.

First impressions? Wonderful piece of miniature technology. I can't believe how small it is. I had Andrew whip his iPod out so we could compare. Slightly shorter, about the same width but mine's a bit thicker. As I said to Andrew, 'I never thought the day would come when I was proud I had something shorter than Andrew!'. He smirked!

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