Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The anti smoking nazis push it too far

So there I was around lunchtime enjoying a short walk around the block and equally enjoying a quiet cigarette. My route took me past some joint that rents bouncy castles and suchlike frippery. It's not unusual to see two or three kids being ferried by an anxious Mom into or out of the business.

Paying one particular family group no attention whatsoever I suddenly became aware that they'd pulled up on the road just ahead of me and the kids were leaning out the window of the family SUV yelling at me to stop smoking!

Say what?????

I try not to be too quick to anger but that really was pushing it too far. Never mind that it's a bunch of ignorant little turds regurgitating barely understood propoganda shoved at em in school. What can I possibly make of a parent who thinks it appropriate to aid and abet them in their rudeness by positioning the vehicle just in front of me?

There was only one sane course I could adopt and that was to walk by as though I hadn't noticed. What end, save possibly a citation, would have been served by telling them exactly what I thought of them?

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