Thursday, June 08, 2006


The MP3 player[^] on which I've waited for a period of time that feels like forever but is, in reality, a mere three months, has finally been delivered.

Not that I've managed to see touch or hear it yet. It's in Phoenix and I'm in Dallas. It was quite exciting to track the package's progress via the UPS tracking website especially today when it was scanned out 'for delivery' at 8 AM Dallas time. I reckon by noon I was checking that damn webpage every five minutes! Hey, this is a big moment for me; my first ever portable MP3 player, with storage beyond the dreams of avarice. Let me enjoy it! :-)

At 3:58 PM Dallas time it was noted as having been delivered! Maybe a minute later my wife emailed me to say it'd just been delivered. How do they do that? Surely they don't have a satellite link back to home base to record each delivery in something passably close to real time?

I got quite a laugh from the tracking page after it had been delivered. Here's an extract.

Status:  Delivered    

Delivered on: 06/07/2006 1:58 P.M.
Location: MET CUST WOM
Delivered to: SCOTTSDALE, AZ, US
Shipped or Billed on: 06/01/2006

Location is MET CUST WOM? What on earth does that mean? I reckon it means the delivery guy cussed my WOM(an) out. If I'm right the only thing I have to say is that he's one cheeky bastard! :-)


& said...

Found your post via a Google search for "MET CUST WOM". Did you ever figure out what this means for real? I'm seeing it on my UPS shipment receipt, and I'm trying to track down a Christmas gift shipment. Thanks!

Wes said...

I'm trying to find Met Cust Wom in my building right now... it would help if the Super wasn't apparently useless.

Anonymous said...

it means he delivered the package to a woman at the delivery address.

Kristi Ambrose said...

LOL. I just found your comment. I already knew what it meant because a second before checking your page, I found someone else's. But, your definition was the one that made me laugh (poster) so thanks for that!

Erin Downs said...

I got that today on my ethernet cable... I Googled it, it means he met the customer and it was a woman (me). If had met a male customer it would have said MET CUST MAN.