Thursday, July 26, 2007


not Mmmmmmmmm!

Each day I drive past this[^]. (Warning: turn your speakers down before clicking on the link - I was listening to a string quartet and let me tell you, it was a heartstopping shock to have this sites soundtrack blast in at about ten times the volume!)

For all I know, the business could have been there half a year; it's an unfortunate truth that if you drive the same route long enough you do it on auto-pilot. Certainly I'm aware of the traffic I have to share the road with; likewise the traffic lights but as for the rest... well I'm sure you know the deal!

I was sitting at the lights last week, on the way home, when I happened to glance to the left and saw the building. It looks like a pensioned off Pizza Hut building in the last stages of decrepitude. They fly a US flag large enough to not be a disgrace to a used car[^] dealer. So far not so impressive. What caught my eye though was the large banner wrapped around the building with the website address and the hot pink lettering on the windows advising that they were hiring hot nurses!

Look at that quadruple bypass burger! I couldn't imagine even attempting to eat one of those, and not just because I don't like the American[^] version of the hamburger.

How on earth would you get your mouth around one of those? Somehow I can't imagine it being served with eating irons. Maybe one of these nights I'll drop in and take a look, purely in the interests of research you understand, though I very much doubt I'm their target demographic.

Notice anything unusual on the cover of the book they're advertising?


Guy said...

I can't work it out although I've studied the cover in detail.

Kathy said...

LOL!! I can't believe you didn't know about this place! There is the irish version over on Warner called The Tilted Kilt. Just ask Fernie to take you to either one. They know him by name there!