Monday, July 23, 2007

Too easy

Sometimes when I have an odd ten minutes to fill I'll play a game of Word Whomp on Pogo. You get six letters and have to make all the words you can.

Tonight, when I finally got home I had fifteen minutes to kill before going out again so I opened the link and started playing. Andrew was sitting at his computer engrossed in World of Warcraft and I couldn't resist.

'Hey Andrew, they've got your name here in this game!'

He didn't believe me.

'Well come down and have a look.' I replied.

He did, and peered at the screen, searching in vain for his name.

'You mean you can't see it?' I said.

He admitted he couldn't.

'Right there, DORK' I said.

Sheepish grin as he realised he'd been 'got'!

Really, it was too easy!

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