Monday, July 30, 2007


I hope there's no one out there holding their breath waiting for the day, this summer, that Phoenix reaches 100F at midnight, because it doesn't seem like happening anytime soon. I just checked (11:52 PM) and it's only 92.

You understand that with a mere four Phoenix summers under my belt (technically this is my fifth but I was travelling for most of summer 2005) I don't pretend to fully understand all the nuances of the weather here but it's been mighty cool the last couple of weeks. Contrast that with the end of June when we were hitting 116 without even trying!

Of course they complain about the humidity being up, apparently the reason the temperature's down. Just can't please some people! In vain do I tell them that this is nothing compared to a decent Melbourne February day. Or any day of the year in Singapore. There's nothing to quite prepare you for the shock, after 17 hours in an overconditioned plane, of that first emergence, at 5 AM, into the Sunflower Garden at Singapore Airport for that long anticipated smoke! There's humidity for you! I'm getting nostalgic just thinking of it! :-)

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Guy said...

You know how in winter you have warm days? Well this is the equivalent in summer. A short period of coolness before the devil turns the dials of the furnace to max.

I'm a big fan of the swimming pool at Singapore airport. Whenever on a stop over there I go and swim lengths (very short lengths) for as long as possible to tire myself out for the next leg.