Monday, July 09, 2007


There's not much to relate about the trip from Santa Fe, New Mexico, back to Arizona. Another longish drive not quite as boring as the drive from Roswell. Sonya was able to fulfill a long held ambition and visit Window Rock, Capitol of the Navajo Nation, given that it's a mere 25 miles or so off I-40.


The figure in the foreground is a monument to the Navajo Code Talkers[^]

I found it particularly interesting, when reading up about the Navajo Code Talkers a few years ago (I was reading a book on cryptography at the time), to see the name they gave to Australia - CHA-YES-DESI, Rolled Hat, most apposite if you've ever seen the hats Australian soldiers wear!

I'm not sure the name given to Africa would be acceptable these days! (See here[^] for the full vocabulary). On the other hand, I suspect that political correctness is a luxury restricted to those of us living in safe middle class suburbs without car bombs nearby!

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Guy said...

I see that Spain is SHEEP PAIN. Had they known better I think they'd have called the Aussies or Kiwis that.