Monday, July 16, 2007

She must be very bored indeed

if she keeps emailing me!

And she keeps changing her name. One email she's Tanya and the next email, following a mere minute later she's Natasha! The one thing that's constant is that she's 25 and bored and thought I might like to check her out on some website or other.

If I were single I might though I fear the age gap might prove fatal. Even if that didn't, if she's bored now imagine how she'd feel after an evening with me! Though, come to think of it, maybe if I followed up on the other standard email she might not be quite so bored... :-)

Who falls for such sucker bait anyway? Let's not ask, for if we did I might have to confess that I copped some spyware just the other day. I can't think what I was thinking, to not only click on that link but to also right click on the little yellow warning bar in IE7 and let the damn thing install itself. Only to find that, after installing their fiendish ActiveX control and been redirected back to the website that they imagined I was going to create an account with a real email address.

It was at about that time that my common sense kicked back in and I closed IE. An hour later I noticed two new processes running. A quick google search and I knew I had a problem. I'll chalk the hour it took to remove all traces up to experience.

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