Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now that's forgetful!

This is an Andrew free zone for the next week and a bit. He's somewhere on Catalina Island, on a boy scouts camp.

When Andrew's not around we take the opportunity to dine on all the stuff he won't eat. Things like spinach and brussel sprouts or my speciality, baked salmon with dill. I could go on about the folly of letting his tastes affect our dinners but experience has shown that such sentiments get but short shrift in this household. The old adage that kids ought to be seen but not heard seems to have been forgotten here. Anyone would think it was a democracy!

Let's face it; where kids are concerned I'm nought but a curmudgeon.

Yesterday morning over the first coffee of the day Sonya suggested that I cook some salmon for dinner; she'd get the makings and I'd cook it when I got home. I was more than agreeable; salmon is good!

All day at the office I anticipated that salmon. It got so that I could almost taste it. Driving home I was pretty hungry; I could picture exactly how I was going to apply the dill and was debating whether I should drop by the supermarket for some more dill; we were pretty low. Or I could try it with not quite as much dill as I usually use and see how it turned out. Either way it was going to be good.

You've guessed, haven't you, that we didn't dine on salmon last night. Bet you can't guess why!

I walked in through the door and made a comment about getting straight away to the oven. But Sonya confessed that she'd forgotten to get the salmon. I scratched my head and started planning to go over and purchase it myself. 'Oh no', she said, 'we're having sausage and rice!'.

'Uh huh' I said, 'so you forgot the salmon and just happened to buy sausage instead?'. She nodded.

I'm still trying to work out how someone can go out to buy salmon and come back, the result of forgetfulness, with sausage!

No matter. The sausage last night was good and the salmon tonight was excellent!

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