Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dinner in underpants!

Last night was only the second time, in the almost five years I've lived here, that I had the house entirely to myself. I'm not counting the myriad times Sonya races over to Morgans because the little princess needs her Mommy. Nope, this was a genuine, pre-planned outing by Sonya. Indeed, I left the office early yesterday to maximise the pleasure of having the joint entirely to myself!

That plan backfired - I'd forgotten about the lane closure on Tatum Blvd until it was too late. Not that remembering it would have helped much; there are only five routes that go through the 'mountain passes' and the other four are either so far out of my way that it ain't funny, or they have traffic lights every half mile.

Nevertheless, I did get home ten minutes earlier than usual!

Ah, the pleasure of having an empty house to relax in! You've guessed, from the title, that I treated myself to dinner sans trousers. That might not sound particularly civilised and I will admit that I wouldn't dream of it with company. Which is of course the point! Underpants on the head[^] with company yes. Just underpants with company? No!

Sonya had gone to the American Idol show over in Glendale with Shelby. I'm not entirely sure why there was an American Idol show playing anywhere given that the series is over for the year here but maybe the fact that the winner is a local gal had something to do with it. I do know that when it *was* American Idol season I stubbornly wore my headphones and listened to loud classical music.

When they got back Sonya opened the door and sang out 'are you wearing trousers? Shelby's coming in'. 'No' I replied 'but I very much doubt she'll be so overcome at the sight of my legs that she'll be unable to control herself'.

I was right.


Guy said...

Rob, You ARE an American Idol.

Rob said...

Well, it's better than being an idle American! :-)