Sunday, February 26, 2006

The biggest US flag

One of the things I noticed soon after moving to Phoenix was that the largest US flags on display fly over car dealerships. I'm not sure I understand why, especially when it doesn't seem to matter whether the dealership sells American cars or Korean ones but it's indubitably so.

It's become a bit of a running joke between my wife and myself; we'll be driving somewhere, see an enormous flag flying ahead and one or the other of us will predict the existence of 'Joe Blow's Ford'. The only time I got it wrong was half a year ago as we were driving down Central and my wife took a detour to The Indian School[^]. As we approached I could see the most enormous flag ahead but I was wrong. It flies over a memorial of some sort. I don't know what sort because we stopped at the school a quarter of a mile short.

Today, listening to the radio on the way home from the office, I heard an ad for so and so's Ford dealership. I honestly don't remember who the heck they were though strangely enough the address sticks in my head. Makes no difference; I'm not going to be buying a Ford ever. But what made me smile was their proud claim 'the biggest US flag in the Valley'.

When I got home I mentioned the ad to my wife and she laughed. She'd heard the same ad today and she'd planned to tell me about it.

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