Thursday, July 19, 2007


You'll remember a year ago I was anticipating the night when it was 100 F at midnight. Guy[^] certainly does. (Though I'm sure he had no idea of it at the time, he made that post on my birthday).

We're still not there yet and we haven't been as close as we were by this time last year. The highest I've seen so far, mid July, is 96. This despite the news that we've had the longest run in 5 years of consecutive days over 110. I think it's 13 so far and it seems the record, from 1979, is 28.

It's been a trifle warm.

Half an hour ago I saw my first Phoenix dust storm. Amazing that I've been living here for more than four and a half years and haven't seen one before. I apparently napped through one a few weeks ago but I still can't think how I've managed not to have seen one before tonight.

I imagine any seasoned Phoenician would have either warned me against walking outside to feel it first hand, or have laughingly let me do it. I suspect the latter. There are some things you can't be warned against. Tell a child that sticking its hand into a flame is not a good idea and nothing will do but the child has to go stick its hand into the flame. Wet paint signs anyone?

So out I traipsed into the dust storm. Visibility down to a few dozen metres; I could see the outside lighting but not make out the cars parked fifty metres away. A bit of a choke and I decided I'd had enough. More than enough as it turns out; I needed a second shower; it felt like I'd been liberally dusted with talcum powder. Even after the shower I can still smell it in my hair!

Y'know, if I wasn't a smoker I'd probably worry about breathing it in but I can't imagine it being any worse than a cigarette!

According to the KSAZ temperature logo on Seinfeld 15 minutes ago, the temperature has dropped to 83. Brrr, no wonder I feel the need to rug up! :-)

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