Monday, July 09, 2007

The Painted Desert

You might remember a couple of years ago[^] we toured Northern Arizona, taking in Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly and The Petrified forest.

On our way back from Window Rock this Saturday we took the detour from I-40 to drive through the Petrified Forest again. We were there much later in the day than last time and I got this shot.


Now ain't that something??

This time around Sonya wasn't going to let me rave about the Blue Mesa walking track without giving it a try herself. She agreed it was worth the walk.

We did have a minor disagreement about exactly where the Petrified Forest was. I maintained that it was south of I-40 but when we pulled into the Ranger Station/Harvey Snack Shack (or whatever it's called) the sign stubbornly pointed northward. No, I maintained, it was thataway, pointing south toward I-40. So she drove thataway. Imagine my embarassment when we drove over the overpass and the road split to left and right but no road south. The answer is that the road does loop northward past the Painted Desert and then turns southward and passes over I-40 a second time. The second overpass has no access to I-40.

Later she admitted that she'd struggled mightily to restrain laughter when we found no road south. My reply was simple; 'I wouldn't have had such self control my dear, I'd have rubbed it in'. And I would have too!!

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