Friday, July 01, 2005

The newish car continued

We collected our newly purchased car, after it's first bout of repairs, yesterday, Wednesday morning. Well, I was at the office; my wife collected it. I don't know what work was done but they claimed it was upwards of a thousand bucks worth. I'm sure they're quoting retail but of course it didn't really cost them that much unless you're talking lost opportunity costs.

When I got home the first question my wife asked was 'should I be worried about the 'check engine' light being on'?

By sheer coincidence I'd been listening to something on talk radio that very morning where the amazing (to me at any rate) statistic was quoted that 20 million people are driving around the US with the check engine light on. I'm not sure I believe the figure's that high but I certainly don't need a talk radio statistic to think that maybe if that light is on and the car's still in warranty that it might be a good idea to take it back.

So it went back this morning. This time it is, apparently, the catalytic converter. We were given the choice, drive it around until next week and take it back for the repair or take a loaner car. My wife rang to ask what I thought was best.

Now this is a big weekend coming up in the US - Independence Day next Monday and we're going to spend the weekend out of town, just the two of us, driving through Northern Arizona and the painted desert. I've seen it from 11 Km up and it looked amazing; I'm sure it'll look just as amazing at ground level. Total mileage will be somewhere between 1 and 2 thousand miles.

The decision was really a no-brainer; would you rather clock up 1500 miles on your own car or a loaner? It helps that the loaner's a really nice car; some Mitsubishi model I'm unfamiliar with but quite luxurious.

I reckon we've eaten up all the profit on our purchase for the dealer. That'll teach em to check future cars a little better methinks!

There's a hint there by the way; I'll be out of town this weekend so no posts. But I hope to have some local colour to write about next week, and some photos to post.

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