Saturday, April 15, 2006

A way of using canned peaches I'd never have thought of

I'm not sure whether my failure to imagine it is a bad thing or not. You can decide :-)

I've just been watching a silly episode of a silly TV series, Married... with Children[^]. I honestly can't remember when I started watching it; I suspect sometime in 1995. Confession time, I've always thought Katey Sagal is incredibly sexy. Tonights episode, recorded some weeks ago, involves that strange sport that Americans play, Gridiron Football. I can't make head or tail of it as a sport. I suspect I need some American to explain it to me in infinite detail and then maybe I'd understand what the heck a touchdown is. On the other hand, I don't think I could muster enough interest in the subject to remain awake through the explanation!

As one does when watching something one lets the associations roam free. On this occasion the association led to the memory of a porn film I once watched, with Sue, at the encouragement of a friend. We'd gone over to his place on a social visit. He was newlywed at the time but it seemed that his interest in certain kinds of, um, literature, was unabated.

He was most insistent that we really needed to see this particular example of the genre. So he stuck the tape into the VCR, hit play and left the room. We sat down to watch. First story involved an American 'football' player, which is what triggered the memory. Silly story that I won't relate.

It was the second story that got us laughing! Sexy young 'innocent' female and stud. Stud has a can of peaches. He opens the can and proceeds to pour the contents into her underwear. My friend stuck his head through the door at what he doubtless imagined was an appropriate moment to find Sue and I rolling around on the floor doing things best done in private. Well he did find us rolling about but he was quite surprised that we were still fully dressed and laughing our heads off!

What a pair of bastards we were!

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