Friday, April 14, 2006

The battle continues

Dedicated to Dan :-) You know why, Dan.

A week or so ago Morgan 'found' a recliner chair. I quote the word because I have my doubts about the 'foundness' of the chair. Morgan also has a Palm computer that she claims to have got in a swap of some sort or other. Knowing the price range of of Palms and Morgans resources I suspect it's most likely stolen property. As you can imagine, if I'm in the process of applying for US Citizenship where having 'good' moral character is a factor, it's a source of some unease that it's possible stolen property is circulating through this house.

The eternal balancing act; my wife is getting heartily sick of my pointing out the faults in Morgans character that are obvious to all but a mother! I console myself with the reflection that the worst than can happen is that I get deported back to Australia. There are much worse places to be deported to!

So Morgan had a recliner chair. My wife took one look, tried it out and decided that it would work well downstairs. Urgently I took her aside and advised against it. Let me try and recall my exact wording. 'The only thing that keeps Morgan and I from open warfare is that she has her space upstairs and I have mine downstairs; put that chair downstairs and the cold war will heat up!'

That comment must have got to Morgan for tonight she, in a complete change of habit, spent upwards of three hours downstairs. It didn't take me long to work out what was going on so I listened to Iolanthe[^]. The freeloader[^] is still around. Bopped along to Iolanthe. I have more patience than she does; she gave up and retired about the time I was ready to start the evening!

Let's see where the battle goes next!

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