Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm really liking this

the sheer convenience of ripping one's CD collection to the hard disk. No more scrabbling through hundreds of CDs. I want to listen to David Bowies 'Cygnet Committee'? Navigate via the Albums View to David Bowie/Space Oddity and there it is! After that wallow in anti-totalitarianism I want to listen to Michael Nymans 3rd String Quartet? Piece of cake! As I said once before[^], it amazes me that it took me so long to connect the dots but now that I've done it I'm a convert.

I'm still coping with the finer nuances though; CDDB and the MSN CD database are all very well but they are, as far as I can tell from the evidence of the quality of their categorisation, amateur databases at best. How else explain that CD1 of Mahlers 3rd Symphony sorts in WMP as Mahler Symphony 3 whilst I can't even find CD2 in the listings despite the fact that examining the Music folder shows it's there and I've done an 'Add to library' on the Music folder?

I foresee a lot of fine tuning over the next few months as I edit the MP3 tags to get various CD's to sort to the places I think they should sort to. I think I can do that. It feels almost churlish to be complaining about the performance and accuracy of something I haven't even directly paid for!

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