Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ultramaroons tenth birthday

UltraMaroon is about 10 years old. I honestly don't remember the exact date though I suppose I could do a google search for the date that corresponds to Easter Monday 1996. Don't much care if the truth be told.

I wrote[^] about the day UltraMaroon was created.

Ten years down the track I remember something else about that time. We had a State election at the start of March 1996. Australian elections aren't calendared; they occur when the incumbent has to submit to the electorate and he thinks he can win.

Americans? Put your prejudes away! Every parliament has a maximum lifetime and the election must occur before such and such a date but the date can be set by the incumbent. It works pretty well for us!

The election victory for the party I don't support pretty much coincided with a period of extreme debt for me; it was my own fault but debt it was nonetheless. I had the choice of buying food for my cats or smoking. If you have a way of explaining to a cat that she is hungry because I need a smoke then share the secret with me! So I went without smokes.

Less than a month later Little Johnny Bastard, the current Australian Prime Minister, won the federal election. Fortunately I was back in the funds and thus was born an excuse to purchase a pack of smokes! Yeah, that's right, I'm still smoking because John Howard won the 1996 Australian Federal Election. And today I'm smoking because George W Bush is US president! Uh huh.

You might remember that back in late June 2003 President George W Bush had to undergo a medical procedure that involved his unconsciousness and, as a result, presidential power passed, briefly to Vice President Dick Cheney. The reason was not, so far as my internet checking shows, disclosed to the American Public.

Thus it is my privilege to reveal the true reason.

The operation involved an anal search for Australian Prime Minister John Howards dignity!

Oh, the American Howard, he who comments without leaving an email address? This should help toward your curiosity about my 'left wing' politics. If you want further comment please have the testicular fortitude to leave an email address.

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