Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I don't remember earwax being a problem two years ago.

I'm sure my shower routine hasn't changed. Shower at least once a day; preferably twice but who has the time, what with blogging and drinking and watching movies? :-)

Drench with hot water; lather up the face and shave (I've never shaved with a mirror and I wouldn't know how). Scrub the soles of the feet and soap between the toes. And so on, you can fill in the details, this isn't an erotic cabaret :-)

But of late I've been noticing an excess of earwax. Not enough to make candles but rather more than I remember. Another sign of advancing years? *shrug*

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Michael Solomon said...

Excuse my delusions of grandeur. I thought I was the only one who shaves in the shower without a mirror. I look forward to my Gillette Fusion humming away at my beard and I rarely miss anything.