Monday, April 17, 2006

The day Robin 'got' me

The way I've written about Robin you might imagine that it was entirely one sided and that I was always the smart arsed victor. 'Taint so.

One winters day in 1982 Robin came over to our house which was, at the time, opposite Monash University in Wellington Road. The location is immaterial but I've gotten so completely into the habit of thinking the where as well as the when that the words just flow out of my fingertips. I'm sticking to that story! :-)

In he walked, strange grin on his face. The first question out of his mouth was 'do you like knock knock jokes?' I can take em or leave em. But I said yes. 'Ok', he said, 'you start'. So I started.

'Knock knock' I said.

'Who's there?' he replied.

At which point my mind went a blank and he exploded into laughter. I'm sure I reddened as the realisation dawned that I'd been had!

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