Monday, April 10, 2006

I can keep this up all day

The other day PP and I got into a friendly argument. PP is of course Personnel Person, aka Leah. Nice enough lady and, whats more important, she can take a joke. We've got into the way of poking tongues at each other as we pass in the office. When you can descend to that level of childishness you know you've reached a comfortable accomodation!

I don't want to actually state what the argument was about; for one it would take way more space to give the background than you'd want to read or I'd want to write and for another, it'd be publishing details of internal politics that are best not promulgated to the net.

We ended up facing each other, hands on hips, me saying 'you started it', she saying 'did not, you started it' and me saying 'did not, you started it'. Insert a loop of about 20 round trips and you have the gist...

After the 20th round trip I said 'you know, I can keep this up all day, I have stepkids'. Meant to be a killer response but she trumped me. 'Yeah, and I have real kids!'.

Game, set and match!

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