Sunday, September 16, 2007

Word, dude

Let's see how well I can convey this in words.

Andrew has been showing signs of a 'gothic' outlook on life of late. You know the deal; 'woe is me and life sucks'. I've been there, done that, not a lot of fun. Much better to assume action on the surface of the planet is preferable to inaction a few feet below the surface.

So I thought I'd push him a little. 'life sucks just how?'. 'Well, you know, it's like, you have to do things'. I fear I didn't manage to keep a straight face at that. Then he crowned it by saying he was being a 'realist'.

He also informed me that they're not 'goths' anymore. It seems they're 'emos' which I assume means emotionals.

Now I'll admit I have not a lot of knowledge of child raising. Nonetheless, I could see it was time for drastic action. So I stood up, held my hands in the 'gangsta' pose (thumbs up, index and middle fingers together and straight out, remaining fingers tucked into the palm. Then you hike your elbows up and out so that the index and middle fingers point at each other). Then, apparently, you say 'word, dude'. Some kind of magical incantation that youth understands and we old farts do not. We had em in our day too. Anyone remember 'groovy' or 'make love, not war'?

It got half a smile and we talked about the transience of life and pain.

At the office the next day, over a smoke, I mentioned it and Darren pointed out that I'd left out the most important part of the whole thing. After saying 'word, dude' I should cross my arms across my chest, lean backward and to one side and nod knowingly. I practised it, much to his amusement!

That night at dinner, when Andrew was indulging in his doom and gloom, I stood up and did the entire performance. I thought Sonya would never stop laughing! Andrew merely dignified it with a raised eyebrow but I could see a smile, fiercely resisted, hovering on his lips.

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