Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do we really need to pass this new law???

The City of Phoenix passed a new law today, making it illegal to send text messages by phone whilst driving[^].

Are people really so stupid that a law needs to be passed forbidding an activity so obviously at odds with safe driving???

Apparently so, for earlier this evening, whilst driving home from the supermarket, I heard, on Gaydos at 7, none other than Gaydos* himself positing various instances in which the new law would be terribly unfair. For instance, what if he were driving along and decided to check his messages? Or call someone? To a cop it would appear that he was texting when in fact he wasn't. And then he suggested that he'd probably be speeding to make up the time wasted while he proved to the cop that he hadn't been texting! Ergo, his speeding fine was all the fault of the Phoenix City Council for passing such a law.

A little later and we're getting the whole 'erosion of rights' message followed by 'damn liberals and lefties' propoganda. At least I now know exactly where to classify Gaydos.

Nonetheless, it's an 'erosion of his rights' to require him to pay attention to the road when he's driving???

Sometimes I just don't get the logic of some people!

* that's his name according to the KTAR website.

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