Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Strangely enough

I've never thought of myself as the schoolgirl type but obviously Kathy at work sees me that way. How else explain her comment at the end of an email she sent today 'only 9 sleeps to go until your mate gets here!'. Well yeah, I've been counting down the days until Heino gets here, and yes, it is only 9 days away, but really! I think the last time I got so obsessed with something that I was thinking of it in terms of numbers of sleeps was the occasion of my last visit to Australia.

Come to think of it, maybe Kathy has a point. After all, I was staying at Heinos!

Heino works as a teacher and consequently gets far more days off work than I do (I've only just reached the point where I get three lousy weeks a year annual leave). However, in his situation he can't just arbitrarily pick a date for his leave; he has to fit in with the teaching schedule. Hence our picking late September as coinciding with his break schedule and being a cooler time of the year. I can't say I blame him for not wanting to come here in early July when the temperature soars to 115 every day, especially as he'd be coming from winter.

How then do I break it to him that it's hotter than usual this close to his arrival? We're still hitting 106 or 108 every day and I can't see it cooling off all that fast. At the time of writing, 11:15 PM, it's still 95! Nah, bugger it, I'll just brazen it out and tell him he's imagining it. He'll believe me too! (Not bloody likely).


Kathy said...

But that is entirely my point! This behavior is so UNLIKE you that it is hilarious to see. Whether you like it or not, it makes you human!!

Kathy said...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Sure hope the ear splitting squeals of two best "mates" doesn't cause to much damage to the touchy technical equipment at the airport. Enjoy your visit Rob. Hello Heino!! Welcome to the Good Old USA. It really is a great place to be even though we do occassionally slip up and let someone like Rob join the citizenship!