Monday, September 03, 2007

Hammurabi's apprentice

I've noted a few times over the three or so years I've been writing this blog that those teenagers unfortunate enough to have me 'in loco parentis' reckon I give em a hard time. Which I do, almost upon principle.

If one were to go by the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth heard here one might assume we had a torture palace on an unprecedented scale. Not that I blame them; I'd hate to have me as step-father too! I'm full of unreasonable demands such as cleaning ones plates after eating; putting ones stuff in ones own room rather than leaving it where it falls and, the big killer, doing ones homework.

Andrew, thinking to be a smartarse, wrote the following and printed it, complete with pretty border, leaving it where I could not fail to find it. There's hope for the boy yet!

Hammurabi Laws

I. If the dishes are not cleaned then must be immediately cleaned or be put to death.

II. Every month cars must be washed if not washed then must have good reason and can be done another day. If not done another day will pay by not being able to play online games-.-

III. Room will be clean by every weekend if not clean can not hang out with friends under any reason including weekdays..

IV. Homework will be done right after school to stop failing classes if not done after school then right after dinner no buts…..

V. Music will not be played loud when someone is home, ok when not home, but not when someone is here or be put to death by Music of true death opera.

VI. After dinner I will do dishes to be fair (eye for eye) because they work I don’t have too Hahahah.

VII. I will do Extra credit for a better grade and not be flipping burgers or be put to death by summer school~.~

VIII. I will feed the Cats in the house or not be allowed to eat food or have to eat from cat bowl unless not home or have awesome reason why couldn’t (never is though).

IX. I will Clean my computer every 6months so doesn’t go bad by Lag or no longer working or pay by not being able to use computer tell I clean it.

X. Will try my best in school and at life so can do the best I can in life and have good life or be constantly reminded why my sisters do not do well and do you want to be like them..Ugh bummer.

All grammatical errors, mispellings, malaproprisms and sundry other errors are his!

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