Saturday, September 08, 2007

On the dangers of smoking

The last 24 hours haven't really been kind to me.

It all started yesterday evening outside the hotel in Houston. As I noted earlier in the week, it's a non-smoking hotel and they have a sign prominently displayed in the room advising of a $250 charge for 'room renewal' if they catch us smoking. Dunno about you but I've got better things to spend $250 on, so I wore out their lift (elevator) going outside for a smoke.

Coming back in from one of those excursions I managed to slip on the grass and fell rather heavily on my side. Took the full force right where the ribs end and the abdomen commences. It knocked all the breath out of me and hurt like hell. At first I thought, going by the level of pain, that I must have fractured a rib; now I don't think so. I'm a stubborn bastard; I have to be at deaths door before I'll go see a quack. The thought did go through my head that yesterday was a most apposite day for my death if it had to happen so soon; being the 47th anniversary of my fathers death.

A day later and it only twinges now and then.

Today at the customers site I took the opportunity to slip outside for a smoke. They have a structure reminiscent of a car port off to one side of the grounds, with some wooden benches and lots of ashtrays. Parenthetically I'll note that the politically correct attempt to make us feel like pariahs isn't working; I get a nice walk in the sun and a smoke out of it.

So down I sit, stretch out, hand on the back of the bench and enjoy that smoke! A minute or two later my hand feels like it's on fire and it's not from the ciggy. Nope, a fire ant got me! Little bastard! Fortunately it didn't last long and it was a curious sensation though not one I care to repeat.

After that it's been almost an anti-climax to get through the rest of the day without any further mishaps.

So you see, smoking can be dangerous to your health!

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