Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When ambition outstrips ability

You find the situation here at the hotel.

They proudly proclaim that each room now has WiFi connectivity for a mere P1000 for 24 hours. That's about US$20. Cheaper than at the hotel in Nice. I don't know if it's faster or if it lets me post on Wdevs for the simple reason that even though I requested a connection 36 hours ago it has yet to materialise.

One of the things I wanted to test here was the ability of a certain remotable PC product to transcend firewalls. Accordingly I installed the software on our machine and returned to the hotel hoping that by now my connection would be established. It hasn't been. I can see the wireless network but can I connect to it? Not on your nelly!

An information sheet on my table informs me that I need to dial 3 (reception) to request activation and authentication. I did so. Some rambling on the phone and the promise that their EDP people would call me back. They haven't. EDP? I thought that term went out of style about the time that mainframes were replaced by UNIX boxes...

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