Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Let's stop playing with the gods

and announce that I'm off to The Philippines this Friday. Yep, Friday. There goes another weekend. On the other hand, the flight from Los Angeles to Singapore is an easy flight even if it does take 18 hours. Word from one who's been there; if you have to do that flight don't be tempted to stray from Singapore Airlines. Their Executive Economy class is better than most other airlines Business class.

They wanted me to go on Wednesday but I pointed out that I'd get there ready for work on Saturday morning Baguio time. Shrugs - so what? Well, what I have to do will either take one hour or it will take two weeks. If it takes one hour well and good, I'll be back in the US in less than a week. If it takes two weeks we have a problem.

The problem is that if it really does take two weeks I'll be spending most of that time waiting for a colleague to become available. He's involved in a demo back here in Phoenix. I wanted to delay my trip until we can both be there at the same time but politics raised it's ugly head; in order to keep our customer happy it seems it's imperative that I be in Baguio ASAP. So we have our fingers crossed that the only thing needed to achieve our goal is that one hours work I need to do. My confidence level is about 80% that it'll take the one hour.

If we need my colleague to complete the job I'm going to be spending most of next week stalling! And I hate having to do that.

The only reason I was able to delay the trip from Wednesday to Friday is that the people who will notice and care if I'm there or not don't work weekends. My arriving on Saturday morning Baguio time buys us nothing if they're not there to notice. And to think that when I entered this career path I imagined the only things I'd have to care about were technical things :-)

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