Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Interesting people

On my flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles the other day I was seated behind the nuclear family. Mum, Dad and the infant. Dad asked the flight attendant about LAX. Where was the Qantas terminal? Given that he had an 'American' accent this naturally attracted my attention.

The flight attendant didn't know. So I leaned around the seat and advised him that we, on American Airlines, would land at Terminal 1 and he needed to go to Terminal 4 (Tom Bradley International). He seemed somewhat doubtful, fearful that LAX was like Chicago O'Hare or JFK in New York. I assured him that LAX was walker friendly. It really is. I can walk from any terminal at LAX to any other in less than 15 minutes. The benefit of sane design.

Well one thing led to another, probably helped by my 'foreign' accent. Since I was going to the same terminal I was more than happy to guide them.

It turned out that they were on their way to New Zealand as prospective immigrants, checking out their prospective new home. I've been to New Zealand twice as a tourist. Loved the place! It's my second choice for a home. (No prizes for guessing what my first choice is). The USA comes third. Let's not go there!

I hope I did my bit for promoting their choice.

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