Friday, June 03, 2005

Robins Birthday

falls on June 3rd; he's 18 days older than I am and you can bet I never miss the chance to remind him of the fact. I revel in pointing out that he's hit whichever significant anniversary it is but I haven't yet. Of course, Heino, being the cheeky bastard that he is, can't resist pointing out that I hit the same anniversaries a bit more than 6 years before he does. Can't win em all I suppose.

In 1996 Heino was listening to the Doug Aitken show on 3LO Melbourne as he drove home. Each Monday Terry Lane would come on the show and relate some story or other regarding whichever famous composer happened to have been born on that day. On this particular Monday on came Terry, to relate that absolutely no one of any importance whatsoever had been born on June 3rd. Heino couldn't resist ringing Robin that evening, both to wish him a happy birthday and to apprise him of that fact!

I rang Heino to remind him that today is the day on which no one of any importance was born :-) He'll give Robin a call a little later to remind him of this singular circumstance, just in case the Alzheimers disease has finally caught up with him, 18 days before it catches up with me!

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