Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Robbies Birthday

to misquote George Harrisons lyrics.

Yep, I'm 51 years old today. I'm told I was born at 10:30 AM Melbourne time so perhaps I'm a trifle premature posting this right now but I'm sure you'll forgive me a 10 hour error over 51 years.

It's kind of fitting that I should be here in The Philippines for the momentous occasion. I've only managed to celebrate three birthdays with my new family since moving to the US and that was two and a half years ago. One was my wifes, one was Morgans and one was Shelby's. Well, technically I was there for my own birthday twice but since no one noticed, not even my wife, that hardly counts.

I might have confused the issue by insisting that my birthday be moved to December 21. It just seems unnatural to have a birthday in summer when it's always been in winter in the past!

Over dinner a few weeks ago I broke the news to Andrew that once again I wasn't going to be in the country on September 19th, his birthday. It's going to be his misfortune that the 13 days between September 19th and October 2nd are the only days of the year that I've never spent in the US; I kinda want to keep that up as a tradition. Why? No logical reason. Let's just chalk it up as one of those strange things that we humans do.

Andrew complained, though not too loudly. So I asked him what date my birthday is. A random stab; July 4th. I imagine my laughter told him he was wrong. Another random stab; July 19? Nope. Three or four more random stabs and he retired in defeat. I suppose I oughtn't to be surprised; he thought I'd lived in the US for about 9 months. I doubt he'll be writing my style of blog anytime soon...

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