Thursday, June 02, 2005


In late 1970, when I worked for AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia) we had a new guy start. His name was very English (no, even after 35 years I won't use his real name though I remember it well). Sufficient to say that if I gave the name and no other information you'd assume he was from Surrey or Hampshire or Oxford or similar.

He was Indian!

I remember, a day or so after he started, as we ate dinner on overtime*, remarking on how well he spoke English. I honestly don't blame him for laughing at my ignorance. I think that was the first time I had my face rubbed, I mean really rubbed, in the fact that skin colour or nationality had little bearing on someone's ability to speak English.

*I've eaten a few hamburgers in my time but the one I ate that night really sticks in my memory. All I have to do is remember this incident and I can taste that burger...

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