Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wickenburg and thereabouts

yesterday we went for a drive through Wickenburg. It's a smallish town NNW of Phoenix, oh, maybe 90 kilometres away. Any town that has a secondhand bookshop where I can purchase 20,000 Years in Sing Sing, The Fatal Shore (a historical account of the early years of European occupation of Australia) and Zola's Le Debacle is worth visiting! The bookshop is fascinating. The most amazingly egregious collection of rubbish I've seen in years. My wife had to drag me away; she was hungry. So I substituted perhaps the worst corned beef sandwich I've ever tried to eat for one of the best secondhand bookshops I've ever seen. This is what marriage is all about of course!

My wife, it seems, was on a mission. She wanted to visit here[^]. I enjoyed it. I loved the Nella-Meda Opera House. It would seat maybe 50 and the walls were lined with glass cases filled with mineral specimens and rattlesnake skins. Orchestra pit? Not on your life. A piano and maybe, if one were to reduce the stage area, room for a string quartet.

Well worth the 5 bucks admission.

I took some shots[^] that might be of interest.

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