Thursday, April 28, 2005

Duck's definitely off

You'll remember that I wrote, in January[^], about the paucity of duck at the hotel here in Baguio. I also wrote about blue cheese though I never tried to order that; blue cheese is wonderful if served with a nice Botrytis Riesling; disgusting otherwise. Alas, they don't seem to carry dessert wines here or if they do my ability to convey what I seek is sadly lacking. I suspect a bit of both!

I reckon someone here's reading my blog; I noticed on the hotel menu tonight that duck has been dropped completely (also blue cheese). Pity - I enjoy a nice duck. Ah well. I had pork schnitzel instead - served with thinly sliced boiled eggs and anchovies. Bliss! And to follow? Mango and Banana wrapped in crepes.

I have to say that the standard of cooking here at the hotel is considerably better than it was last September.

Last night I had the strawberries marinated in cognac. Puzzled em a bit by requesting some freshly ground pepper on the strawberries. 'Are you sure, sir?' she asked with something akin to horror on her face. 'Quite sure' I said. 'It's delicious'. Which it is. I first heard about the idea of pepper on strawberries about a year ago; the concept intrigued me. She obliged by grinding some pepper onto my dessert though she did it very reluctantly; one might have thought that turning the grinder was torture.

If you've been reading my raves you've probably worked out that I sometimes do things just for the sheer contrariness of it. Thus it was in June last year, at Lake Tahoe, where I met, at a family reunion, most of my wife's living relatives. I still find it hard to imagine that my brother in law is 66 years old; that's just not right .

Strawberries were served and, true to form, I decided to try em with pepper. Perhaps a bit tentatively at first, but I have to say the pepper really does complement the flavour of the berries.

Shocked em; not least Andrew. He still can't bring himself to try it. You? You're all open minded flexible people; I'm sure you'll give it a go!

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