Monday, April 04, 2005


back in 1962 we moved into Seddon. About 500 metres from where we lived, on Buckley Street, was a very small strip of green enclosed with cyclone wire fences and proudly showing a sign announcing that it was a Trugo club.

When you're 8 years old you accept as givens a lot of things; when you're 20 you're much more interested in the opposite sex and when you're 45 and find yourself living within spitting distance of Seddon you find a renewed interest in the minutiae of Seddon (especially as you lived in Seddon when you were 8) . Thus my curiousity about Trugo. See here[^] for a description.

Alas they only play on Tuesdays at noon; and when I lived there I was always at the office on Tuesdays at noon. But sometime soon I'll be back in Seddon to visit the place where my heart lies and I'll be sure to be there 50 metres west of the corner of Victoria Street and Buckley Street at noon on Tuesday.

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