Saturday, April 23, 2005

Smelly socks!!!

I'd put on clean socks maybe 5 hours before I left; when I still, rather naively, believed I'd be spending Tuesday night in Phoenix.

By the time I was maybe a third of the way from Los Angeles to Singapore my feet were feeling a tad hot, so I took off my shoes. Less than a minute later I put em back on!

An airplane is a enclosed system and not one of my fellow passengers deserved to suffer my socks without the insulation of my shoes. Not even if they'd been a serial killer! Heck, even WITH my shoes on I could tell they were there!

By the time I got to Manila my feet were causing me some pain. I could feel the skin rubbing against the socks; all caused by the extended amount of time I'd been wearing em.

So, taking advantage of the Manila smog and the rushing of air on the North Luzon Motorway I took off both my shoes and my socks. My socks were wet with perspiration and my shoes not a lot better. I stuck those feet out of the window to let em dry off. When we stopped in Tarlac they were dry and I took out another pair of socks (take out in the sense of shooting dead! ).

I did have a fleeting sense of sympathy with my driver; but he's paid to put up with it

Should I admit that when I got back to my hotel room tonight I almost gagged? Nope, I think not!

I must be getting old. I can't imagine anything better than that feeling of cleaning my feet! And yes, this will serve as a lesson to me; no travel kit is complete without clean socks and the means of washing ones feet in an airplane dunny!

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