Thursday, August 23, 2007

You coulda flawed me!

An old friend (Hi Terri) sent me a link to a real estate agents web page, featuring a house in the street I used to live in back in Footscray. She knows perfectly well that even if I'm living on the other side of the world, where the seasons are backasswards, I still take a keen interest in all that happens in Melbourne and Footscray.

This paragraph (no link, the page'll be gone in a month) fairly leaped out of the web browser at me.

The sheer size of this property will flaw you it keeps going & going & going. With two of everything your guaranteed to suffer from a case of de-ja-vu, this home offers buyers enormous potential with a small amount of elbow grease....'

Lemme see, two malapropisms and at least one punctuation error.

Yeah, I know, everyone uses word processors these days but this copywriter doesn't even have the homonym excuse to fall back upon. Floor and flaw do *not* sound the same.

Picky bastard aren't I!


Gordon DiGopher said...

Floor and Flaw sounds pretty similar when I say them. But then I speak pure proper english, not a hybrid of two colonies!

Patronising bastard aren't I?


Gordon DiGopher said...

(Ok, that came out sounding harsh, not silly. I need to practise my gentle rudery more... - Iain)

Rob said...

Heh - I thought it came out just fine :-)