Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I read an article the other day about the effects of coffee on older womens memory. Apparently if a woman treats herself to three or more cups a day her memory will not be as subject to the effects of age. Equally apparently, the same effect doesn't work with men. That'd be right! Of course, that does explain why I can't remember which website I read it on!

So I had a bit of a chuckle over dinner last night, pointing out that it obviously wasn't correct; my wife is dreadfully forgetful. That's a bit of a dangerous game to play but what the heck, I can live dangerously if I choose! Indeed, it's become so well established that I'll say something and stick my hand out so she can slap it. Which she does. Frequently!

I think it's all in fun but, after two divorces, do you think I'm really qualified to judge?

So Sonya defended herself by saying that I don't always remember things either.

'Well my dear' I replied, 'that might be true but I really can't remember the last time it happened!'.

Andrew almost choked but managed to suppress it.

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