Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A phenomenon I've noticed of late is the oblivious teenager. I most often see it at the local petrol station, where teenagers and slow moving cars seem to intersect. Fortunately for the teenager that's a figurative intersection.

They all sport the familiar white 'ear buds' (what a horrid term!) and wander across the traffic flow without bothering to look. Such touching confidence that we drivers will hit the anchors on no notice whatsoever. Myself, I have no such confidence in the watchful powers of drivers.

Now it's perfectly possible that this phenomenon isn't unique to Phoenix. It's perfectly possible that Australian teenagers are equally oblivious to their responsibilities as pedestrians. Where I lived in Melbourne was fairly close to the docks area and the place I usually filled up the tank was quite some distance from the nearest residences. Not really a location thronging with teenagers.

Even here, it's a phenomenon I only really see at the weekend; weekdays I usually fill up on the way to the office at a time after the high school day has started.

The other day as I pulled in to the petrol station to get a carton of smokes I was greeted by the sight of yet another oblivious teenager who sauntered nonchalantly right across my path, much as though I wasn't there. Americans are so attached to their damn kids that I wouldn't dream of running one down, much as I was tempted; they'd probably lynch me!

He did see me; of that I'm quite sure. What he didn't see was the driver coming the other way, into whose path he also sauntered. But this guy didn't have my angelic patience. He stopped about a foot away and hit the horn!

I don't think I've seen anyone jump as high as that kid did! Ah hah! I have it. This is a cunning plan to develop athletic skillz and earn mad props at the next Olympics! Tres sneaky!


Colin Angus Mackay said...

"Americans are so attached to their damn kids". Third person plural? Surely that should be in the first person plural now that you've got your citizenship. Therefore: "We are so attached to our damn kids"

Ce n'est pas?

Rob said...

Proves you can put the boy in America but you can't put America in the boy.