Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Selectively deaf

And we all know exactly what I mean by that title. Andrew is especially good at it and I do believe most of the time his mother really thinks he hasn't heard. Apparently he had a hearing problem in his infancy, long before I came onto the scene, since resolved. But perhaps, being charitable, that explains why Mom believes he doesn't hear.

Of course I know better. It doesn't take much in the way of observational power to notice that whenever something good's in the offing he can hear; whenever something's not so good from his perspective suddenly he's hard of hearing.

I, of course, was such a perfect kid that I never suffered from it; neither did you! That might, however, have had more to do with the fact that somehow my parents never fell for it!

I've mentioned a few times lately that Andrew's deep into World of Warcraft. It's become quite the obsession. He surprised me last week by going out, of his own volition, and purchasing a headset, with microphone, so he could join in the chat. I have to tell you, it's very comical listening to the one sided conversations of someone in his own world.

'Dude, look behind you, behind you!'

It all reminded me of British Christmas Pantomime[^], which is remarkable in itself given that I've never seen one. But I've seen and heard the odd reference over the years and it sounds like a lot of fun! Curiously, the Wikipedia page linked above claims it's very popular in Australia; perhaps I just didn't notice.

I couldn't resist the first time I heard him say it.

'Oh no he isn't!' I responded.

Puzzled look from Andrew. You'd reckon by now he'd be used to it.

Tonight after dinner he was, of course, back at World of Warcraft, headphones on, mumbling teenspeak. I heard him ask 'Dude, what did he use?'. Without even thinking I whispered, to myself or so I thought, 'his dick of course!'. Sonya chuckled and Andrew laughed.

You see! Even with headphones on and me whispering he heard! Hard of hearing my foot!

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