Thursday, August 30, 2007

We think we're tough in Phoenix

This morning, driving to work, they were blathering on the radio about how today stood a good chance of being the 30th day of temperatures above 110°F.

Driving home they were blathering on about how today had been the ditto...

I'd have been much more impressed if it had been the 30th consecutive day; but no, it's only the 30th day, in total, for this year where the temperature has exceeded the magic 110.

Everyone has been talking about how hot this summer has been but, to be honest, either I've become totally acclimated or this year has felt somewhat cooler than previous years. Admittedly this is only my fifth Phoenix summer but there were some days a month or so ago that felt decidedly chilly; barely rising above 95°F.

And to be further honest, once it gets much above 105°F it all starts to feel the same.

I note with disappointment that so far I haven't seen 100°F at midnight. Been close with about 98°F but close isn't the same as getting the cigar. However, a colleague assures me we *did* hit the magic number; if so it must have been during our El Paso/Santa Fe trip over the Fourth of July week because I've been watching the temperature like a hawk waiting for the magic 100.

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