Friday, May 12, 2006

Unknown album

I'm still working my way through the ripped music collection, getting it organised etc.

As a side note the MP3 player I ordered 2 months ago using frequent flyer points still hasn't arrived; United Airlines keep on predicting delivery dates and Toshiba keep on missing em. UA's most recent communication, 3 weeks ago, says it 'should be shipped by May 12'. No sign of it. But I can't blame UA for this; the Gigabeat S series has been delayed and delayed and most online retailers are now predicting a June 1 release. It was released in Japan on April 28th but hasn't hit the US yet. Sigh... :-)

So there's a bunch of tracks at the bottom of the Album view in WMP 10. All of em 'unknown album'. It bothers me that I've paid good money for each of those CD's yet I can't positively identify em. Remember, I'm the bloke who can pick which Mahler symphony it is within the first 3 seconds.

I'm pretty sure the first one is the Patrick Hadley/Philip Stainton 'The trees so high' album. Excellent music. And the second one is surely the finale to Scriabins 2nd symphony plus the first two movements of the third symphony. As for where the third movement of the Scriabin 3rd is? No idea. I know it's hiding there on the hard disk somewhere; just have to winkle the bastard out!

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