Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My friend Laura at Sorrow at Sills Bend[^] has started, in conjunction with a few others, an Australian Literary Blog[^].

I'm probably pushing the definition of friend here but she did give me a virtual Christmas present last time around. I'll probably never meet her or even correspond with her but I enjoy reading her writings.

She asked for a plugarama for the new site and I'm delighted to give it one. I quite enjoyed the faux obituary for one 'Roger Saint-Douche', the noted French Philospher and manual self-stimulator!

She promises that From my point of view one of the many excellent things about having a blog like Sarsaparilla about is that I will no longer feel constrained to write half-sensible posts about books and movies here at Sills Bend and can turn it over entirely to fluffy dancing baby animals, food, Ken Russell, perfectly good stuff dug out of bins, the price of things, etc. Hooray!

Those are the kinds of blogs I enjoy the most and anyone who shares my enthusiasm for Ken Russell movies (even if she's too young to have seen them in first run) deserves the pathetic plugarama I can give!

Laura? Was that enthusiastic enough? Not too over the top? :-)

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