Tuesday, September 26, 2006

13 days never spent in the US

You may remember, on the occasion of my 51st birthday[^] that I, rather optimistically, tried to set a personal tradition of never being in the US on the occasion of Andrews birthday. Alas, it hasn't happened that way and with my naturalisation ceremony a mere 4 days away I fear the entire block of 13 days in the aforementioned post are lost to the US.

Sonya and I did, briefly, consider the idea of doing a quick trip to Mexico so that I could count at least a few hours of the year never spent in the US but I suspect it's a losing game and, even with a freshly minted naturalisation certificate in hand I'm still wary of crossing the US Mexico border without a genuine US passport in my hot little hand.

Oh, Andrew *still* has no idea when my birthday is. He hasn't even committed it's Juneness to memory! When the subject came up a day or two before his birthday he was hazarding guesses in May, June, July and August!

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