Thursday, September 28, 2006

The other Australian

Having worked here for a bit over two years my colleagues are proud of their ability to recognise an Australian accent when they hear one.

For months I've been hearing about the 'Australian Fedex driver' who makes deliveries early in the morning (way before I normally start). Everyone was adamant that he was an Aussie, peppering his conversation with 'mate' as he reputedly did. I had my doubts when he was also reported as saying 'shite' which is a word no self respecting Australian would ever use.

My doubts were confirmed this morning when I finally met him. As broad a Yorkshire accent as one could hope to find!

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Guy said...

I've met people from Colchester in England who have Aussie accents and they have never been down under.

One has to wonder where the Aussie accent came from? It must have regional UK influences...?