Monday, September 11, 2006

They've got this law in America

Toward the end of my time with Unisys Australia I shared an office with five or six others; we were all part of the Enterprise NT group.

Roy was our resident American and a helluva nice guy. He'd been in Australia a decade or so by then; by sheerest coincidence he returned to the US a few years ago and lives in Phoenix! What are the odds?

Another of the guys was Peter. Peter could be 'strange' at times. He'd get an idea in his head and nothing could dislodge it, no matter how outré it might be.

One afternoon the subject of Harry S. Truman[^] came up and Peter volunteered the information that he'd been born Harry Truman and had added the S. due to a law that had been passed in the US when he (Truman) was a boy.

Never one to miss a chance I chimed in. 'Yeah, and Roy has Y. as his middle name for the same reason!'. Roy concurred and I fear that to this day Peter believes there's this law in America mandating middle initials!

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