Friday, September 08, 2006

Point and shoot

Personnel Person (PP) sent out an email to all a few weeks ago. Not the typical corporate email however; this was to threaten dismissal to the miserable individual who was pissing on the dunny floor instead of into the urinal!

Uh huh. So they want me to believe someone is deliberately doing that? Yeah right; like I'd believe that. All the people I work with are 'professionals'.

As of yesterday I'm a believer. When it was my turn to use the facilities I couldn't believe quite how much urine was on the floor. It reminded me of that scene in Repo Man[^] where the Emilio Estevez character pours his beer onto the floor and a few seconds later one of the repomen walks in and says, 'Oh man, did someone piss on the floor *again*'.

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