Saturday, March 25, 2006

Talking of Beethoven

yeah yeah, I know we weren't but you'll see why I chose that title.

I had a girlfriend in late 1978 who insisted on referring to Beethoven's 3rd symphony as the 'Erotica'. She must have seen it in my collection! I didn't much mind; Erotica is so much more delightful to a 24 year old than 'Eroica'. :-)

A decade later and I was living in a street in Brunswick. The couple a few doors up the street must have been living an interesting fantasy life; they had his and hers number plates on their cars; 'Erotica' and 'Exotica'. I never did manage to discover whether it was she who was 'Exotica'. For all I know they may have been a gay couple. Good luck to them!

You can see, having read the post, why I didn't call it 'Erotica'. That would have invited some of the stranger people to my blog through the magic of search engines.

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