Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Make it twenty

My wife spent most of the afternoon planning an excursion to the Chicago area to be undertaken at the end of July. It'll be just the three of us, Andrew, my wife and myself; Morgan will be busy looking after her new baby about then and she's not coming.

Part way through the planning she said 'I hope you don't mind; I've assumed the three of us will be staying in the same hotel room.'

Andrew was there earwigging; I couldn't resist saying 'but you know that means we won't be able to have sex!' Andrew smirked. Then I had a happy idea. 'But, you know, we could always slip him 5 bucks to go to the local McDonalds!'

Quick as a flash he piped up. 'Make it twenty!'

Cheeky bastard! :-)

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