Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reasons not to travel

Writing the preceding post reminded me of my trip to Dallas in May 2005. I'd decided to travel Thursday afternoon, do what was needed on Friday and return to Phoenix that evening.

On Tuesday we were having yet another meeting and the boss asked me why Thursday? Why not travel Wednesday instead? As quick as a flash I replied,

'My wife and I are having sex on Wednesday evening'.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite so surprised before :-)

The story spread through the company; Kevin, our sales guy, who's based in Dallas heard it. A fortnight or so later I was about to travel to The Philippines. Similar deal to the trip I'm about to undertake; gotta be there yesterday. Kevin was also due to go to The Philippines but whereas I was leaving on Friday he wasn't leaving until Sunday. I asked him how it was that I had to give up my entire weekend but he only had to lose half his. As quick as a flash he replied...

'My wife and I are having sex on Saturday evening'.

Yeah ok, you saw that coming.

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